Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hiking in the Rainforest

On Monday morning Greg Willis took me for a 3 I'm hike thru the rainforest. You have to pull your socks over the bottom of long pants and then put on hiking boots. I sprayed deet all over my boots and socks to keep the ticks and chiggers off. All the hiking trails have one direction which is up. Greg showed me howler monkeys that look like they weigh 20 pounds, but sound like they are as big as gorillas. The rainforest is awesome and it is alive with all kinds of mammals and insects and plants and trees. One tree is called a ceiba and there are orange blossoms at the end of each branch. Usually around 5 pm, the capachin monkeys swing over to the ceiba trees and drink the nectar from the blooms.
When you walk thru the forest you have to keep your voice at a whisper so that you don't scare off the animals. I saw my second anteater which dropped from a tree about 5 feet from where I was standing.

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  1. Panama Zach.......Great to see and hear all About Zach's BIG Adventure... I am So excited for you. What a Wonderful oppurtunity that will change your life all for the better, look forward to hearing more on your blog and your telecast. See, Hear, Feel & Touch everything you can down there. Congratulations for doing this for yourself. all da Love from Jackson's Hole